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In Memory Of
Jonbenèt Ramsey

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Sometimes we wonder why things happen
the way they do. Alot of times we blame God.
I have blamed God many times for
the things that have happened in my life.
Such as losing family members, before a Holiday...
That is the time we are suppose to be happy.
That is also the time when people working
for the devil, steals presents from under Christmas trees,
and rob from the blind, and Churchs. But it isn't Gods fault
as we think it is.
Below might help us understand...
Mary N. Smith
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April 20th, 1999
At 3-5:00 AM

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June 10th, 2000
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What is God’s view point on death?
Whether from old-age, murder, war or accident when
tragedy strikes people often cry "God isn’t fair?
Or God doesn’t understand, or this shouldn’t happen
to me or my family. Cry’s for help and answers
abound when people are suffering. Lets take a look
through scripture and glean some perspectives from God’s view point.
Luke 13:1-5, shows us that from God’s perspective
tragic things can happen to people in very sad circumstances,
when it can appear that they are innocent.
Some were killed by Pilate and their blood
was mingled with pagan sacrifices, other’s were killed
when a tower fell on them. Jesus said to the crowd
"Do you think that they were worse
sinners than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem?
I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish."
This answer does point us towards a relationship with God
that is right and proper, but it doesn’t clearly answer the problem for
people who die in totally unfair situations. People who die
as a result of what the Insurance Industry call ‘acts of God’
Such examples would include earthquakes, volcanoes,
monsoon drowning, etc.....
Life does have its tragedies for sure.


Let’s look at two interesting conversations in the Old Testament
book of Malachi. The context of these talks is in the ‘end-time’,
prophetically speaking of when Jesus the Christ will return
to this earth in all of the power and glory
given to him by his Father in heaven.

Malachi chapter three and verse thirteen describes people
conversing with each other and complaining about God,
saying, for example …"It is vain to serve God;
what profit is it that we have kept his ordinance…"
God listened and challenged them. Verses 16-18
describe another group who also spoke amongst themselves about
the ways of God, and what happens in life, but in a much more
respectful manner. God listens to them too, and speaks
of rewarding them in special ways, even describing them as
His special treasure. Quite a contrast in
the accounts. God does love all of humanity
and it is His desire that all will come to repentance
and be saved, and accept the salvation that He has to
offer. But for now this world is under the rule
of the God of this world, Satan, mankind’s adversary,
his arch-enemy. Satan rules mankind
through wrong thinking patterns, rebellion towards God
and hatred towards one-another. So mankind suffers,
and horribly so at times. Man suffers
as nations (the World at War) or country or tribe
against each other. He suffers as individuals as a result
of sin, or lawlessness, he suffers from natural disasters.
Some people are innocently killed. Remember Princess Diana’s
deep concern about unexploded land-mines. [In 68
countries there are 110 million of them]


Soloman tells us …"But time and chance
happen to them all". (Eccles.9:11)

In chapter eight of his book called Ecclesiastes
Solomon says in verses 10-17 that man
is wicked and sinners seem to get away with crimes
and go unpunished. In fact things get worse; so he
set his mind to try and work it all out,
even going all night without sleep as he
tossed and turned looking for answers to these perplexing questions.
In chapter 9:1 he makes a summary statement of great depth,
that should help us all. He says "For I considered
all this in my heart, so that I could declare it all:
that the righteous and the wise and their works
are in the hand of God".

That’s an incredible understanding for us all to acknowledge.
Nothing can happen that God does not allow.
As we serve a God who cannot lie,
and loves mankind enough to give His only Son that
we might have the gift of eternal life, we can trust
all things and their out come to Him.

Solomon’s understanding didn’t end there,
he continued to write his thoughts about God
and man’s relationship to His creator in
very profound ways. As he draws the book to its final words
lets join with him in reading his conclusions and deciding
that we, too, will accept his understanding about
life and live according to these truths.

"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:
Fear God (don’t be angry at Him or accusative of Him)
and keep His commandments, For this is the whole duty
of man. For God will bring every work into
judgment, Including every secret thing.
Whether it is good or whether it is evil".

For millions of humans in dozens of countries
life just doesn’t make much sense.
They live, they suffer and, they die.
Who remembers them?
For what purpose were they born and why did they draw breath?

The Bible certainly has answers to these and many more questions.


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