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A Tribute To The WTC and Pentagon
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Our Prayers Also Go Out To
All Of The Survivors Of All Hurricanes,
To mention a few:
Charley, Katrina, Rita and Wilma..
We are survivors as well of
Hurricane Charley (Friday the 13th, in Aug. 2004),
and we are still trying
to get our lives back on track...
And for us it's been 3 1/2 years now..
God Bless and Be Safe, Think positive,
We are alive and we survived...

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Thanks! Mary

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The Music Playing Is Called:
.. Tell Him .. By: Redsal
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Sung By:
Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand

Mary Smith

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I Have Received

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My Husband Of 34 Years
Jessie Charles Smith, Sr....
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My Husband's 1st Christmas In Heaven
(Click Here!! To see it..) Jessie Passed Away:
October 21st, 2000

1988-2006 R.I.P.

My 18 year old Grandson
Mark Alan Hicks, Jr.....
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Mary's Comment on
Life and Death...

I have only one life to live and one death to die.
Therefore, until someone dies my death for me,
no one should be telling me how to live my life."

My Family And Friends SURVIVED
Hurricane Charley
Thank God!
But now I have Ovarian Cancer...
I was diagnosed on March 2, 2007... :-(

My Memorial Pages
Of Friends and Family
I Have lost many more since
I started this page in 1995.
To Many to make pages for. To name a few,
John Lloyd, Richard Alsup (my brother)
,Beverly Mott (my cousin), Gene Spillers, James Lovell,
Mark Lynn, My grandson Jacob Charles Smith,
My Great Grand-daughter Brianna Michelle Smith,
an old friend Dona Romaro, Anne Youngermann (my sister),
Rick Abbott, Loretta Alsup (my sister),
My Grandson Mark Alan Hicks, Jr., etc...
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Last Updated On November 10th, 2007

Hello! I'm Mary
Nickname is:
and here's something about me..

Below are pics of my precious kids.

I Was Told My Best Qualities Are:
My Emerald Green Eyes,
and Fascinating Personality.

Favorite People: My 6 (grown) Kids, My Many Grand-babies, Gr-Babies and
A handful of selective friends
(they know who they are)
and My Family

Favorite Places: Home

Sports: ** Ice Hockey **
Chicago Black Hawks and Detroit Red Wings
(and just a few more)
NASCAR, Tony Stewart #20 or Michael Waltrip #15

Dislikes: Rude, Know It All people

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Chinese, Italian

Favorite Music: All, Especially Love Songs

Favorite Movie(s):Nothing To Lose,
Titanic, GI Jane, Endless Love,
The Green Mile, Message In A Bottle, REF
and The Original Romeo and Juliet

Favorite TV Show: Days Of Our Lives (Soap)
I've been watching it since day 1
November 8th, 1965
Reality Shows like
Big Brother,Survivors, etc............

Hobbies and Interests: Exploring the InterNet,
Playing ALL Sims Games on the:
PC and The Playstation 2..

I'm very much addicted to,
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Cheats and Codes...

My Likes: First and above all My Kids,
Love Poems, Love Songs, Candle Light Dinners,
Walk along the beach on a warm,
and breezy night in the Moonlight
And listening to the water hit the rocks
Or just sitting at home with my 2 cats,
But I also like going to the
Dog Tracks, Casino Boat, Bingo,
Out to eat and to the Movies...

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Jesse, Danny, Kenny
Marianne, Beverly (pasted in), and Connie
Taken 1992

My kids are #1, and Always will be..
Here are newer Pictures of them, Click Here..

A Link to my
Brother's and Sister's Pictures...

2 of my brother's are missing
(I need an update on pictures... Hint Hint)
These are very old.
Look at me on the bottom
taken 1966... Click Here..

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Missing Children

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From: Ft. Myers, Florida
I lived in N. Ft. Myers,
from January 1987 - July 2000
Then moved to Largo, Florida,
I moved to Punta Gorda, Florida Mar. 2004
Until Hurricane Charley stopped by
and took everything we owned.
Then we lived in FEMA Park, for a year..
But Praise the Good Lord,
we are alive, And we are back
in Punta Gorda, Fl. again..We SURVIVED...
We know what you are going through..

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back from when we were SysOps..
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